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Making NYES HR Model Policies Your Own

Union Consultation

All NYES HR model policies are consulted on with the North Yorkshire TUSfS (ASCL, NAHT, NASUWT and NEU) and Unison prior to publication.  This means that if all the schools in the Trust sit within the North Yorkshire boundaries and you buy into the above arrangements, you can adopt the policies within your setting without the need for further staff consultation.

However, if you wish to make changes to the template policy to reflect more specific local preferences (other than those highlighted throughout the document for alteration) then consultation through local mechanisms will be required before you can adopt the policy.


  • you do not buy into the North Yorkshire TUSfS agreement; and/or
  • you have schools in the Trust that are outside the North Yorkshire boundaries; and/or
  • you recognise unions other than those listed above

Then you will need to consult through local mechanisms before you can adopt the policy. If you require any support tailoring policies, negotiating changes with your recognised trade unions and workforce please do not hesitate to contact your HR Professional.

 Model Policies for Academy and Multi-Academy Trust Settings