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Workforce development is the mechanism to equip staff with skills and knowledge so that they can effectively deliver and improve services to children, young people and families. Workforce development can include: training; qualifications; induction; work shadowing; supervision; appraisals; reading; coaching and mentoring.

To ensure that children and young people achieve more, it is vital to have a children's workforce that is skilled, well led and supported by effective, shared systems and processes. People in different parts of the workforce need to be able to work well together, focused around the needs of the child and young person.

Members of our workforce should feel valued and workforce development can be used to help achieve this. Professional and personal development can lead to a highly motivated, skilled and dedicated workforce. Dedicated and skilled staff means results and a positive, vibrant  work environment.

The Workforce Development Team are here to help you achieve this. Our responsibilities are to:

  • Work with service areas and settings to help them identify and address their workforce development needs including identifying any cross cutting themes
  • Provide a range of high quality, cost effective learning solutions to meet identified needs
  • promote the importance of integrated working and techniques of how to do this effectively
  • Support managers in their role of developing staff
  • Be the first point of call for expert advice on workforce development issues
  • Work with managers on issues including staff engagement, talent management, learning & development and induction

We have developed a matrix of training and development opportunities for all roles in the directorate. To find the suite of training developed for your role please see the tables below (please be aware this does not include your mandatory online requirements):
Each role has a suite of essential-to-role training selected specifically for your role. Once you have completed your essential-to-role training there are a number of additional opportunities for you to access in the Additional Skills and Knowledge training matrixes at the bottom of the page. Your essential to role training must be completed before you access any of the additional skills and knowledge training.  You can access training via the Learning Zone.

For all other training requirements please liaise with your line manager or allocated Social Worker.

Please contact us via email or telephone - our details are set out below.

Useful downloads

Foster Carers & Adopters - Training Developed for Your Role

Foster Carers & Adopters Training Matrix

Safeguarding and Children's Services Training Matrix - Jan 2017


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