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School improvement updates

The School Improvement Service regular update aims to keep you informed of any key updates from the DFE, our School Improvement Team and useful resources to support you.

School Improvement Updates
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Phonics Catch-up Plan 2021

Return to School Plan for Phonics - early reading

8 March update

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Remote learning resources

Resources to aid remote learning
National Resources

The Oak National Academy

Slides from the North Yorkshire LA webinar on the 20th January 2021 are here

Past videos and information about upcoming webinars can be found here.


BBC Bitesize

Education Endowment Foundation: EEF Covid -19 resources to support schools, and parents make the most of home learning  - practical tips based on the best available evidence, to support all pupils, including particular consideration of  disadvantaged pupils.


DfE guidance on 

  • helping children aged 2 to 4 learn at home can be found here:


North Yorkshire LA information
North Yorkshire LA information

Home Learning - North Yorkshire School case studies

Home learning – reflecting on practice

Home learning – reflection tool

Home learning – resources

Live lessons – guidance

Online and digital teaching – evaluating resources (word version)

Online and digital teaching – evaluating resources

Post-lockdown curriculum - primary

Post-lockdown curriculum - secondary

Model Policy

Model Remote Learning Policy - published 20/1/21

Remote Learning - Safeguarding Considerations - published 5/2/21

Governance and Remote Education  Monitoring Support Tool - published 1/2/21
Parent Consultations Remote Parents Consultation - published February 2021


Preparing for remote learning

NYCC best practice guidance on educating children during Covid-19 

Stephen Lawrence Foundation

We know that schools are all now working hard to try and assemble learning resources for their children.  We have put together some simple and fun activities that require no specialist knowledge from parents or young people, but that provide a great way for them to get involved in Stephen Lawrence Day whilst they learn.  These are all free on-line at

If schools are looking for something more detailed, our extensive free resources for teachers are also still available on-line at

Free online courses and resources

The Burley Woodhead English Hub: online phonics lessons to support parents/carers and the hub have also produced a resource update

Visit the Power Down Pete website for resources

Free  Religious Education online resources 

RE home learning resources, including Ramadhan & Ramadhan/Eid worksheets.

Understanding Young Minds:

Keeping them safe: Sexual exploitation:

Introduction into safeguarding:

Keeping them safe:

Female Genital mutilation:

Prevent training: 

Caring for vulnerable children:

Listening to young children: Transition
Attachment in the Early Years

Understanding Early Years Environments

Exploring Children’s learning