This section is for all educational settings including;

  • Early Years private, voluntary and independent settings

  • Maintained, academy, free and independent schools

  • Further education colleges

Please follow the links below to ensure that any contact with the Local Authority is to the relevant department.



DfE helpline: 0800 046 8687: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday and Sunday)

NYCC: 01609 780 780, select Option 3 (8am - 5.30pm including weekends) - 
 If you need to contact us about a positive case of Covid, or are seeking advice on a situation in your setting please use:

Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team: 0113 386 0300 (9-5 Mon-Fri) 

If you wish to notify us of a SINGLE positive case and have already identified any individuals who are contacts of this case you can use this form

See here for the information you should have to hand when calling to notify a confirmed case.

Please do not save versions of these documents locally - always check this page for the latest version.

Notification and Test &Trace Process for early years providers

Updated 11 January 2021 v11

Notification and Test &Trace Process for primary schools


Updated 11 January 2021 v11
Notification and Test &Trace Process for secondary schools Added 11 January 2021 v1
Notification and Test & Trace Process - SEND Transport Added 25 September 2020 v1

Letter to schools regarding face coverings

Issued 18 September 2020 v1

GP letter to schools

Issued 18 September 2020 v1
Covid-19 related pupil absence - A reference guide for parents and school / setting staff (as of 7 January 2021) Updated 7 January 2021 v2

Public Health England template letters:

letter to parents of close contacts of Covid-19 case

letter to parents of close contacts giving choice of LFT or isolation

Advice to all parents about a confirmed case

Advice to all parents about a confirmed case referring to choice of LFT or isolation.

Updated 20 January 2020
National Lockdown from 5 January - Frequently asked questions for schools  Added 11 January 2021 v1



Please find below resources that will support your communications to students around Covid-19 and measures to prevent the spread of infection.

These resources include posters that can be placed around your facility or given directly to students. There is also a small video that highlights the pressure that students are under and a scenario that may put students in a position of wanting to relax the restrictions, this would be great to show during presentations to students, on your own social media channels and through other means.

If there is any other content that you require to support your communications, please contact us and our marketing department can support you with this.


Face coverings on buses

Face coverings

Face coverings shopping

Back to school Instagram poster

Back to school Covid Instagram poster

Back to school meeting with friends Instagram poster

Back to school primary school Instagram poster

Cold or Coronavirus - should I send my child to school with cold symptoms?

Guide for parents - what happens when there is a case of coronavirus in my child's school?

Video Coming to my party??




Department for Education Coronavirus general helpline

DfE launched a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education and social care.

Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday and Sunday)

North Yorkshire Local Authority - general queries 

Parents/Carers – please contact your educational provider. If your query is in regard to critical worker provision please email us at the address below, including details of your contact details, educational setting, days required and or any issues you with to raise.  

Early Years providers – please read the information at the links below. For further queries beyond this please contact us via email. 

Schools - please read the information at the links below. For further queries beyond this please contact us via email or through your Senior Education Adviser.        





Links to all DfE guidance can be found at 

Updated government guidance:  guidance on safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care settings for staff visiting families in their own homes.  This has also been updated for staff who have been in close contact with a symptomatic person who subsequently test positive even if the staff member wore PPE.

Guidance on lateral flow devices and testing is here.


Resources for schools



Reporting attendance - DfE guidance
Attendance briefing - ADDED 7/1/2021 LA briefing for schools - January 21
Contact: Attendance Officer or Early Help  



Behaviour and Exclusions update

Behaviour and Exclusion update 2 - At the start of June, the DfE released additional guidance on School Exclusions, primarily concerned with temporary adjustments to timescales for meetings. We’ve pulled together the key information from the DfE in this second Behaviour and Exclusions bulletin and have included some additional guidance and a few answers to some recent questions from school leaders across the county.


Catering risk assessment - UPDATED 27/1/21 Catering risk assessment
Cleaning risk assessment - ADDED 27/1/21 Cleaning risk assessment
Update on position during lockdown Update document
Contact: NYES Facilities Service Area Team Manager  



11 February 2021 - schools and early years

28 January 2021 - schools, early years and further education settings

21 January 2021 - schools

15 January 2021 - schools

13 January 2021 - schools, early years and further education settings

7 January 2021 - schools, early years and further education settings

5 January 2021 - schools

4 January 2021 - schools

24 December 2020 - schools

17 December 2020 - schools

11 December 2020 - schools and early years

9 December 2020 - schools, early years and further education settings

1 December 2020 - schools, early years and further education settings

13 November 2020 - schools, early years and further education settings

4 November 2020 - schools and early years

8 October 2020 - schools and early years

2 October 2020 - schools and early years

28 September 2020 - schools and early years

18 September 2020 - schools and early years

11 September 2020 - schools

4 September 2020 - schools

1 September 2020 - schools



Links to helpful links and resources

Mental Health Toolkit - ADDED 9/12/2020

School staff wellbeing during Covid - ADDED 9/12/2020

Mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people - ADDED 9/12/2020



Actions for early years and childcare providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been updated.

New Guidance

This guidance should be read in conjunction with:

The DfE guidance to support education providers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be accessed using the links below:

Tell Ofsted if you have a COVID-19 incident at your childcare business

You must tell Ofsted if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your nursery, childminder business or other day care. You should also tell Ofsted if you have to close your setting as a result.  Updated 11 November 2020

Please access latest guidance as well as resources for early years providers to use in setting and with parents at Foundation Years website’s COVID-19 Resources Hub.


Early Years Funding


Guidance for settings

Impact and information for providers

General guidance for early years providers on Covid-19

Funding update - 10 June 2020

School Funding

Recording financial impact of Covid-19

School Expenditure approval form - Covid-19

Guidance to schools on payments to suppliers during Covid-19

Cash advance request form

Claims form for schools for Hub Provision

Staff absence scheme 2020-21

Covid Winter Grant - UPDATED 28 January 2021

Letter for schools and early years including guidance notes and conditions of grant

Letter regarding February half term and Easter arrangements.

Contact: Schools Finance


Early years providers - Risk Assessment - UPDATED 29/1/21 Risk assessment - Word
Schools Risk Assessment - UPDATED 29/1/2021 Risk assessment - Word

Physical Education During pandemic – new 16/10/2020

Music, Dance, Drama during pandemic – new 16/10/2020

Risk assessment - Word

Risk assessment - Word

Individual Risk Assessments

Guidance document

Risk assessment - Word

Health & Safety Executive Inspections 

HSE document

Feedback from HSE Spot checks - ADDED 11/2/21

Managing a full or partial school closure - UPDATED 8/1/21 Guidance document from NYCC Health and Safety Advisers on managing a full or partial school closure
Production of PPE by schools

It is CLEAPSS advice that schools should NOT go into production of PPE / other items unless this has been through either the government procurement website: or the arrangement put together by the Design and Technology Association (DATA).  CLEAPSS have worked with DATA who have been working with a number of agencies to put in place quality assurance measures and distribution logistics. To access the DATA arrangements visit the 3DCrowd site: where there is an option to sign up as a volunteer.

CLEAPSS guidance

Use of Emollients in schools - guidance for schools and parents

ADDED - 13 November 2020

Information for schools

Information for parents/carers

Consent form 

One Minute Guides: ADDED 26/11/2020

Winter period


One Minute Guide

LFD testing risk assessments - ADDED 28/1/21

Asymptomatic testing in secondary and special schools

Home asymptomatic testing for staff

Contact: Named Health and Safety Adviser  



Bereavement and the Coronavirus

When an incident occurs, it is important that schools and settings let the LA know as soon as possible, using the usual channels.

In the event of a child death, contact the Child Death Overview Panel, at (01609 797167 or 07967 469790) and inform the CYPS Director’s Office, via Marion Sadler at

In the event of a staff death, please notify Stuart Carlton, Corporate Director, directly at

You should then be contacted by a member of the EPS (Educational Psychology Service) to identify what support may be required.

Bereavement guidance for schools. 

PHSE, Wellbeing and Healthy Schools News January Newsletter


School Transport guidance - ADDED 1/9/2020 Guidance



Click here for all HR documentation relating to Covid-19

Contact: Named School HR Adviser



Links to helpful resources 


Hidden Harm - powerpoint presentation for School Designated Safeguarding Leads - UPDATED 2/7/20

Powerpoint presentation

frequently asked questions

Link to session video

Safeguarding FAQs North Yorkshire Safeguarding Guidance FAQs and for Vulnerable Learners not attending school - updated 29 April 2020
Covid-19 School Child Protection Policy Addendum - UPDATED 21/1/21 NYSCP COVID19 - School Child Protection Policy Addendum 
Guidance for Safer Working Practice Guidance for Safer Working Practice - Covid addendum April 2020  
Contact: Early Help Consultant
North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership website
Worried About a Child page -
Coronavirus page -
Children & Young People Do you need some help page -
Parent & Carers Parent info page -


School Improvement Service updates - ADDED 8/1/2021 Available on the Covid-19 school improvement page
Governance Guidance on governance during Covid-19 period


The School Improvement Team have produced a number of scenarios to support schools with their opening in September. This work has been completed collaboratively with headteachers and Senior Education Advisers and in consultation with professional associations. It is worth noting that the work was completed before the DfE guidance was released. However, we hope that schools find aspects of the documents useful when planning for their wider reopening. The documents are for information only and do not constitute guidance, as the National direction is for full opening in September. - ADDED 10/7/2020

September scenarios – secondary schools

September scenarios - schools closed

September scenarios – handling books safely

September scenarios – as we are now – mixed economy

September scenarios – all pupils returning to school

September scenarios – 50:50 split scenario

Frequently Asked Questions -  UPDATED 11/9/2020 FAQ document
Contact: Named Senior Education Adviser  



Risk assessment for children and young people with EHC Plans in relation to attendance at school during Coronavirus epidemic



Guide to vulnerable children and young people Covid-19 attendance plan

Vulnerable children's attendance plan

Guidance for schools regarding children with EHCPs. 

Bulletin outlining temporary changes to legislative guidance in relation to EHCPs. 


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