Compass REACH



Compass REACH is the specialist young people’s drug and alcohol treatment provider for North Yorkshire and works with children and young people aged 9 – 19 (and up to 25 for those with special educational needs or disabilities) who have been screened as having moderate or high levels of need with regard to substance misuse/alcohol. 

The service also works with children and young people who may benefit from receiving early help and prevention work in relation to emotional wellbeing and mental health issues.

The team of qualified nurses can also deliver work to existing service users around sexual health matters.

Compass REACH is part of the Healthy Child Service in North Yorkshire; as such we work closely with Healthy Child Practitioners who deliver universal services and also with the Prevention Service (e.g. Family Outreach Workers).

Service aim

The service helps young people to make sustainable lifestyle changes that improve their long term health, resilience and emotional wellbeing, reduce risk to themselves and others and equip them to succeed in mainstream services and to reach their potential.

Service outcomes

The service measures the ‘distance travelled’ by young people in receipt of Compass REACH services through the use of a series of outcome tools, such as Young People’s Outcome Records (YPORs), and other approaches including self-reporting and service user journeys.

Service priorities

Our priorities are to provide a range of effective, evidence-based services and interventions to address substance misuse, sexual health and emotional wellbeing and mental health:

  • To offer services which take account of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare at all times
  • To offer user friendly, confidential interventions around risky or unhealthy behaviour, within clear information sharing protocols, to targeted young people
  • To involve parents and carers in their child’s treatment/support (subject to consent)
  • To reduce young people’s risk taking behaviour
  • To assist young people to access support from other specialist or universal young people’s services where appropriate
  • To support young people who need continued substance misuse treatment into adulthood to access adult substance services
  • To reduce risk of harm by providing accurate and up-to-date information to young people

Range of services

The following are the main services that are delivered as part of the Compass REACH service. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Provide age appropriate specialist information and advice to young people referred into the service (e.g. contraception, sexual health, substance misuse, emotional wellbeing and mental health)
  • Deliver early help and prevention work to young people around emotional wellbeing and mental health issues (e.g. low mood, anxiety, self-harm, social phobias, unhealthy eating patterns) in order to prevent issues from escalating
  • Deliver specialist harm reduction interventions (e.g. sexual coercion and exploitation, overdose prevention, blood borne virus (BBV) screening and vaccinations, self-harm)
  • Deliver sexual health and contraceptive interventions (e.g. Chlamydia screening, condom distribution, emergency hormonal contraception, pregnancy testing, referral to termination/antenatal services and referral to integrated sexual health services)
  • Deliver effective psychosocial and behavioural change interventions (based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing principles)
  • Deliver family interventions by involving family members in the young person’s care plan
  • Deliver risk reduction and life skills interventions (communication, decision making, critical thinking, coping and self management skills)
  • Case management (holistic assessment, care planning and discharge planning)
  • Provide advocacy support for young people and their families where appropriate
  • Deliver workforce consultation for professionals


The team is made up of a Service Manager and Nurse Team Leader both of whom are based Northallerton; 8fte Young People’s Nurses / Practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds and a Clinical Administrator. The team are also supported by a psychologist and a GP with specialist interest in sexual health. All of our Young People’s Nurses / Practitioner deliver the full range of interventions outlined above.

Location of services

Compass REACH staff are based in Early Help HUBs throughout North Yorkshire and deliver the service in a wide variety of young people friendly peripatetic sites. Young People’s Nurses / Practitioners cover specified geographical areas:

  • Craven
  • Harrogate
  • Selby
  • Hambleton and Richmondshire
  • Scarborough, Whitby, Ryedale

The staff team work flexibly across North Yorkshire to best meet the needs of identified vulnerable young people.

Service opening hours

The service is available for 37 hours per week, operating mainly during the working week with evening and weekend working based on identified need.

 Referral Procedure

 Referrals can be made by anyone (professional, family member, friend or self)

  1. The young person must meet the service criteria (as clarified on the Compass REACH Screening Tool and Referral Form)
  2. Referrals can be made over the telephone, emailed or posted. Young people may also self-refer via the free phone number or either of the following email addresses:
  3. Engagement with Compass REACH is voluntary; therefore, referrals will only be accepted if the young person has given their prior consent.
  4. Compass REACH will contact all those referring a young person into the service to confirm receipt of referral and to discuss next steps.
  5. Compass REACH will inform you of whether the young person engaged with the service, keep you updated when necessary, and may refer back to you at the point of discharge to ensure that appropriate aftercare services are in place.

Contact Details

Compass REACH Main Office:
North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC)
County Hall
1 Racecourse Lane
Email: or
Telephone: 01609 777662
Freephone: 0800 008 7452