Child Protection Training Materials

All staff and volunteers who work with children and young people or who come into contact with children and young people in the course of their work are required to undertake appropriate training in child protection. This includes being able to recognise signs and symptoms of potential abuse and neglect in children and knowing what to do in response to concerns about the safety and welfare of child or young person.

All staff and volunteers who work in education/early years settings should complete:

  • Induction training
  • Regularly updated training

Both induction & refresher can be delivered by



  • Whole School direct training session:

There are two methods of delivering this:

  1. The Designated Senior Person for CP or Headteacher delivers this training using the materials and teaching notes on this web page. School to notify CP admin when training has been delivered in order for the Local Authority database to be updated;
  2. The school commission a trainer to deliver whole school training. School to notify CP admin when training has been delivered in order for the Local Authority database to be updated.

Governing Bodies are recommended to complete:

  • Induction training (level 1 basic awareness) as above

Chairs of Governors and Nominated Governors for Child Protection are recommend to complete:

  • Induction training as above
  • Training to raise awareness of the arrangements that need to be in place in school. Training materials are available below

Whole school training

Case Studies KS3 KS4

Daniel Pelka Case Study - Handouts

Daniel Pelka Case Study -Trainer notes

Nigel Leat Case Study - Handouts

Nigel Leat Case Study - Trainer Notes


School governor training

1. Governor Training Handout 1 Safer Recruitment Revised 2014

2. Governor Training Handout 2 Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers in School Revised 2014

3. Daniel Pelka Handouts

4. Handout Governor Training Jeremy Forrest


Safer Working Practice

Guidance for Safer Working Practice 2016 Slideshow

Safe Practice Quiz 2015