Back on Track

This project works in partnership with primary and secondary schools to build an informed understanding of how to effectively meet the needs of children with Social Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH). The project will run until 2020.

We will work with a fixed number of children and young people with SEMH. The project is not open to referrals or to be used for children in crisis. We deliver targeted therapeutic intervention to help the children and young people flourish in education, at home and in the community. Each child we work with receives personalised support according to their needs. A designated worker supports each child as well as other members from the team. The team is made up of speech and language therapists, family practitioners, family school liaison workers and an educational psychologist, clinical psychologist and occupational therapist. This ensures wrap around support is provided. Everyone is brought together around the child including family, school and any involved services. The child is at the forefront of our work to ensure their needs are being met fully in all aspects of their life. The success of this project will help shape the future of children and young people’s services within schools.

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What is the Back on Track project about?

Back on Track newsletter - issue 1

Back on Track newsletter - Autumn Term 2018