A national funding initiative for employee development was introduced in May 2017 which can be applied to existing employees as well as new recruits, irrespective of age.

Apprenticeship training offers Schools the opportunity to increase their focus on creating attractive career paths and development opportunities, building their future workforce with motivated, skilled and qualified staff and targeting their recruitment and retention ‘hotspots’.

It is available for established posts within Schools. Schools pay the salary and associated costs for employees in the usual way and apprenticeship funding covers the training and assessment cost.

For Voluntary Controlled and Locally Maintained Schools, apprenticeship funding is held and managed on their behalf by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). NYCC recharges these Schools for their share of the Government’s annual apprenticeship levy proportionate to their School’s pay bill on a monthly basis. As such, Schools can use apprenticeship training for their employees to ensure a return on this investment.

As a result of these management arrangements, NYCC needs to commission and procure apprenticeship training on behalf of Locally Maintained and Voluntary Controlled Schools – they cannot do so directly.

Academies, Trusts and Voluntary Aided Schools can organise their own apprenticeships, either by using their own levy if they have an annual pay bill over £3 million, or by accessing co-investment (where the Government pays 90% of the cost of training and assessment up to the funding band.)

Apprenticeships now cover roles from entry level up to and including degree level in a range of subjects relevant to Schools These include a Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship for graduates who would like to get into teaching (available from September 2018.)

This landing page provides an overview of Apprenticeships and what Schools need to consider. For further information, please feel free to contact Annabel MacGregor, Workforce Development Advisor - Apprenticeships  by email on or by ringing 01609 - 534206.

Useful Downloads

DfE’s ‘Schools’ Guide to Apprenticeship Reforms’

Guidance for Schools - Apprenticeships - 2018 update

A guide to apprenticeships for the school workforce


The related appendices / forms referred to in the above guidance (including a flow chart outlining the process)

Latest Question and Answer (Q&A) Briefing provided by NYCC to Schools in November 2017

Communications issued by NYCC to Schools to date
(Please note that some of the information in the earlier communications may have been superseded by the more recent communications):

Information on the Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship