Annual Financial Return

The Annual Financial Return is a mandatory document all PVI providers, who are delivering the free entitlement are required to complete on an annual basis.

The annual financial return will require you to supply the following information in relation to your expenditure on 3/4 year old funded children.

  • Funded Hours for 3/4 year olds (This will be pre-populated)
  • Non Funded Hours for all children attending the setting
  • % of floor area which is used for funded children
  • Total expenditure incurred by the setting from 1 April to 31 March (this will then be pro-rata based on hours and floor area information supplied

The AFR will be sent to all providers who deliver the free entitlement, this requires completion by the end of June each year

Annual drop in sessions are available to assist with the completion of this form.

This information will enable the production of benchmarking information which will to review early years funding, and assist with ensuring there is sufficient childcare provision within North Yorkshire.

Useful downloads

Annual Financial Return Guidance Notes 2010-11

Provides guidance on how to complete the return

AFR Form Example 

This is an example of the form childcare providers can expect to receive for reference