2 - Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

Advice, guidance, templates to help to develop your job description and person specification is detailed below.

The foundation of a successful recruitment campaign is the way in which we clearly and accurately describe the roles and responsibilities of the job (job description) and the skills, knowledge and behaviour required of the person to successfully undertake the role (person specification).

These documents will be used throughout every stage of the recruitment process: they are the basis of the attracting advertisement, the criteria we use for shortlisting and selecting and the basis for induction, personal development and performance management. Their importance cannot be underestimated.

If the job role is new or has been changed the role must be matched to an existing evaluation or evaluated in its own right to ensure that NYCC meet their legal obligations under the Equal Pay Act. The job evaluation information is provided through the pay, leave and benefits site.

Under this section is a number of template job descriptions for commonly used roles in schools, which have already been evaluated and are ready to use. A presentation on the revised job evaluation processes and use of the template job descriptions can be accessed on the pay, leave and benefits site. For support or guidance or to provide feedback about this area please contact employmentsupportservice@northyorks.gov.uk

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Guidance for Managers on Job Descriptions and Person Specifications


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Job Description Templates

Library Roles

Main Scale Teacher Job Description

1-1 Tutor Job Description

1-1 Tutor Person Specification

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