Prevention Service

Prevention Service

Effective early support can prevent the escalation of difficulties and transform lives. The most effective prevention services consider the whole family and puts in place as much support as is necessary to help families make positive and sustainable changes.

The Children and Families Prevention Service brings together a range of work, previously undertaken by separate services, to create a single prevention service which operates seamlessly through the 0-19 age range. It aims to provide timely and effective responses that prevent difficulties escalating and reduce the numbers of children and young people requiring Children’s Social Care and other crisis led services.

Professionals can refer families to the service by completing the “Referral to Children and Family Service” form or by calling the Customer Resolution Centre single point of contact on 01609 780780. Parents, carers and young people themselves can access the service for support and information by calling the Customer Resolution Centre single point of contact on 01609 780780.

More information about the service can be accessed at the North Yorkshire County Council Prevention Service page.



Prevention Service Scarborough Town’s Sessions for Children/Young People/Parents Carers Spring 2018

There are lots of exciting sessions for children and young people aged from 0 to 19 (25 with SEND) and their families - from Baby Plays to Youth Clubs, and lots in between. As well as sessions for children/young people, there are also advice sessions and programmes for parents/carers to help with 2 Year Funding applications, parenting, and supporting children’s development. Many sessions are drop in, but it may be necessary to book onto others – please refer to the programme for details.

As well as the “What’s On” programme, you will also see below a copy of the “Targeted Programmes Overview” which gives details of our targeted programme offer for this term. This document gives you information about the content of each of the programmes, the audience they are designed for, how many sessions are in the programme and dates of delivery. Also attached are all the relevant referrals forms mentioned in the document. Please follow the information on the referral forms for where/how to return them.

If you would like any further information, please contact Briercliffe Children’s Centre on 01609 798700, or Friarage Children’s Centre on 01609 798840.


Scarborough Town Prevention Service Jan-March 2018