National Pay Award for Staff on NJC Terms and Conditions

The National Employers made pay offer covering the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020 in December 2017. This is expected to be finalised in March 2018.

The Pay Offer

1 April 2018 (‘Year One’):

Bottom-Loading on SCPs 6-19 incl

The Employers considered it was necessary for higher increases on the lower pay points in order to continue to close the significant gap with the National Living Wage (NLW). Therefore this part of the offer would result in a new bottom rate of £8.50 per hour on SCP6

Increase on SCPs 20 and above

A flat-rate increase of 2.0%

This first year of the pay offer would increase the national paybill by 2.707%

1 April 2019 (‘Year Two’):

The Employers agreed that the bottom rate of the new pay spine should not be pegged to the NLW rate but should allow for some ‘headroom’. Therefore the offer is for a bottom rate of £9.00 per hour

In order to deal with the compacting of differentials at the lower end of the spine it is proposed that the existing bottom twelve pay points are ‘paired off’ into six new pay points, ie. current SCPs 6 & 7 become the new SCP1; current SCPs 8 & 9 become the new SCP2 etc until you reach current SCPs 16 & 17 which become the new SCP6

To further dilute the impact of compacting the lower pay points, the offer includes ‘ironing out’ the current random gaps between pay points and having even increments of 2.0% between new SCPs 1 to 22 incl (equivalent to SCPs 6 to 28 on the current spine). This portion of the pay spine covers approximately 60% of NJC employees

From new SCP23 onwards, a flat-rate increase of 2.0% and retention of the current random differentials

This second year of the pay offer would increase the national paybill by 2.802%

The total increase to the national paybill over the two-year period would be 5.584%


National Pay Award Confirmation for Staff on Teachers Terms and Conditions

NYCC model pay policy and associated guidance is now available below. NYCC’s position regarding the recommended reference pay points for the main pay range have now been published and included in the policy. Further information on NYCC’s position and advice if you wish to deviate from this position in relation to the main pay range can be found in the survey outcome letter below.

Tax Office Details

If you have a query about personal tax code and need to contact HM Revenue & Customs ( HMRC ) the following information may be useful:

Address: Pay As You Earn and Self-Assessment, HM Revenue & Customs, BX9 1AS
Telephone number: 0300 200 3300

You should quote your national insurance and NYCC's Tax Office Reference Number: 406/N8001 when making contact.

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