Our Diverse Communities

Provides information about the needs, views and rights of different communities which make up the diverse community of North Yorkshire.

You will have already completed the mandatory Equality and Diversity training on the Learning Zone. However, you may like to find out more about the different groups, the challenges and barriers they face, how these can be overcome and how to support service users from different groups to be involved in shaping the services we deliver.

Remember to respond to the needs of the service user in front of you don't try to 'pigeon-hole' individuals, or impose a solution on them. Ask them what their needs are and how they would like them meant - the solutions they suggest are often more straightforward than you might think.

Don't forget - individuals are complex and may have needs from more than one area (also known as a strand of diversity)






Sexual orientation

Can't find what you're looking for? Email equality@northyorks.gov.uk