Newly Qualified Teachers

Relevant information for managing the Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Induction in school.

All newly qualified teachers (NQTs) working in local authority schools are required to undertake Induction, which aims to build on what they have learnt during initial teacher training and provide a smooth transition into their first teaching role. Induction legislation requires schools with NQTs to provide:

  • A personalised programme of professional development and support
  • Monitoring and assessment of performance against the Teachers' Standards

During induction NQTs can expect:

  • Support from an induction tutor
  • A 10% reduced teaching timetable
  • Further support and development opportunities as required
  • Termly review meetings

At the end of their third stage of Induction (e.g. towards the end of their third term if full-time) their headteacher will make a recommendation about whether they have met the Teachers' Standards. The Local Authority (appropriate body) must then decide whether the NQT has met the requirements and satisfactorily completed Induction.

All relevant documents relating to Induction are provided below and further information can be found on the Department for Education website..

Useful downloads

NQT Registration Form - Updated June 2017

Letter for Headteachers and Induction Co-ordinators - Updated June 2017

Briefings and Mentor Training - Updated June 2017

Quality Assurance of Induction Arrangements for NQTs - Checklist

NQT Induction Stage 1,2 and interim Assessment Form - Updated June 2017

NQT Induction Final (Stage 3) Assessment Form - Updated June 2017

Mentor (Induction Tutor) Handbook - Updated June 2017

NQT Welcome Pack 2017-18 - Updated June 2017

Model Policy for the Induction of NQTs - Updated June 2017

Standards Audit Tracker - Updated June 2017

Making Sense of the Teachers' Standards - Updated June 2017

A Tool to Support induction - Updated June 2017