The council is committed to equality of opportunity in employment for its entire staff and to developing work practices and human resource policies that support work-life balance and provides a range of leave entitlements.

Note for schools staff: While schools staff, support and teaching, work in a different environment where the (corporate) leave procedure may not always apply it is strongly recommended that school governing bodies adopt this procedure where they can. Where a type of leave is a statutory provision then governors must take steps to make sure that they are legally compliant and provide this type of leave where legitimately requested. You must therefore talk to your line manager or head teacher about the leave policy that applies in your school.

Generally, leave should be requested and approved as far in advance as possible. Some types of leave have a legal minimum period of notice required for requesting leave; for example 21 days notice of a request to take parental leave.

Employees are expected to consider the business needs of the service for which they work, and managers will try to accommodate individual's needs and commitments outside of work wherever possible. However, leave may not be approved where it cannot be accommodated for business reasons.

Leave entitlement will accrue from the start date of the employee and will need to be calculated pro-rata to ensure compliance with the Working Time Regulations.

The leave policy has been reviewed and updated and now includes reference to the two days compulsory unpaid leave for the closedown between Christmas and New Year. Staff may also apply for up to ten days unpaid leave for situations including additional annual leave, bad weather, doctor, dentist and opticians appointments, study leave, religious festivals/holidays.

From 1 April 2014, the LGPS changed from a final salary scheme to a career average revalued pension scheme. This had a number of impacts, one in particular is the effect on unpaid leave. The leave, maternity policy, procedure and guidance documents were updated to clarify that for any unpaid leave, employees who are members of the LGPS now have the choice whether to buy back any pension lost during the period of unpaid leave. This must be done within 30 days of returning to work after the period of leave. To find out how much it would cost to buy back pension, employees should contact Employment Support Services on 01609 532190.

Additional pension contributions Modeller http://lgps2014.org/apc/

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