HR – A-Z policies

Below are detailed all the HR policies and guidance available on CYPS.Info listed in an A-Z format for ease of access. The links will take you to the relevant area of the site for policies and supporting documents.


NYHR are constantly reviewing and updating these policies to ensure compliance with employment legislation, developing case law, Government regulation and good practice.  All policies are consulted on with the professional associations and trade unions prior to publication on this site.  Therefore, schools who are party to the Professional Associations Facilities Agreement (PAFA) do not need to undertake further union consultation before progressing these policies to their Governing Body/Trust Board for adoption, though consultation with staff at school level is strongly recommended.


A list of the current HR policies is also provided below.  This details which HR policies schools and Academies are statutorily required to have, gives publication dates for existing policies and highlights which policies are currently under review.


CYPS Info HR Policy List - September 2018


HR Policies


Age Retirement


Attendance Management

Attendance Management (Academies)


Capability (Academies)

Code of Conduct

Developing Performance

Developing Performance (Academies)


Disciplinary (Academies)

Early and Flexible Retirement


Eye Care Policy

Flexible Working

Flexible Working (Academies)

Hearings and Appeals

Hearings and Appeals (Academies)




Managing Allegations Against Staff


Model Pay Policy


Pay and Reward Policy (NJC staff)


Recruitment and Selection

Resolving Issues at Work

Resolving Issues at Work (Academies)

Re-organisation, Redundancy and Redeployment

Re-organisation, Redundancy and Redeployment (Academies)

Safer Working Practices

Shared Parental Leave

Smoke-free Workplace

Stress Management

Travel and Expenses Policy


Workplace Substance Misuse