ATA                  Advanced Teaching Assistant

ARO                 Assessment & Review Officer (Previously SENO)

BSP                  Behaviour Support Plan

CAMHS            Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

CoP                  Code of Practice (next version September 2014)

EHCAR             Education Health Care Assessment Request (previously Request for Statutory Assessment)

EHCP               Education Health Care Plan

EP/EdPsyc        Education Psychologist

EMS                 Enhanced Mainstream School

FTE                  Fixed Term Exclusion

HLTA                Higher Level Teaching Assistant

IEP                   Individual Education Plan

IPM                  Individual Provision Map

PE/PeX             Permanent Exclusion

PP                    Pupil Premium

PPP                  Pupil Premium Plus

PEP                  Personal Education Plan

PRU/PRS          Pupil Referral Unit/Service

SATs                 Statutory Assessment Tests

SEND               Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

SENAP  Special Educational Needs Advisory Panel

SENDCO          Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

SENDIASS        Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (previously Parent Partnership)

SLT                   Speech & Language Therapist

SPM                 School Provision Map

TA                    Teaching Assistant

YJS                   Youth Justice Service